Robinsons and Iron Maiden have teamed up again to add another brew to their collaborative beer portfolio.

The Belgian-style beer, Hallowed, follows on from the success of the original Trooper, which has sold more than 15 million pints since its launch in 2013. It also follows on from previous limited edition beers, Trooper 666 and Red ‘n’ Black.

The 6% abv beer comes in a 33cl bottle. It is one of the first beers to be brewed by Robinsons Brewery that uses Belgian yeast. Robinsons says it hasn’t changed the yeast used in its beers since 1942, which makes Hallowed “even more special”.

Martyn Weeks, head brewer at the Stockport-based Robinsons Brewery said: “It’s all in the yeast. Belgian Yeast yields a very distinct taste and presentation. You can sniff out a Belgian beer simply from its aromas: fruity, spicy and earthy. Belgian yeasts withstand higher alcohol levels, they attenuate well and create an array of phenolics and esters. Put simply, this means more flavour and I think Hallowed drinkers are in for a treat.”

The bottle label for Hallowed plays tribute to Belgian beer, presenting Rron Maiden’s iconic mascot Eddie, robed in traditional monk’s clothing – a nod to the Trappist monastic brewing tradition in Belgium.

Hallowed will be available from October 2017 for a limited period of four months.