A gin infused with collagen and described as “the elixir of youth” has had two complaints against it upheld by industry watchdog the Portman Group.

The group has issued a retailer bulletin instructing supermarkets, convenience stores and other off-licences not to stock or order the gin.

The gin is marketed as containing “anti-aging botanicals” and is said to have therapeutic and beautifying qualities.

Members of the public complained to the Portman Group, arguing the product was in breach of its code because it presented itself as able to help improve the consumer’s appearance.

The Portman Group agreed and upheld the complaint under rule 3.2 of its code.

Kay Perry, secretary to the Independent Complaints Panel, said: “Alcohol cannot be marketed on the basis of any health claims and producers must be particularly careful not to create a link between alcohol products and any therapeutic claims such as anti-ageing properties or rejuvenating effects.

“If a producer is unsure, they can contact the Portman Group’s Advisory Service which is free and confidential. We are pleased that the company has contacted the Advisory Service for guidance on appropriate changes to the product and packaging.”