Following the 10-year anniversary of Hedonism Wines in 2022, chief executive Tatiana Fokina outlines this year’s plans and shares her personal favourites from the store’s range 

A lot of the time it feels like Hedonism has been around forever, as it is so well established now. After 10 years in an industry filled with retailers that have been around for centuries, I still cannot get used to the fact that I do not need to explain what the company is anymore as so many people have heard of it and been to the shop. It has been a great journey and what makes me especially proud is that a lot of the people we started the project with are still part of the Hedonism family. 

We have always said that to have the full experience of Hedonism Wines you need to come in store. However, for those who don’t have the time or live abroad, our website is a great shop window. The entire range is represented online, alongside tasting notes written by the team and interviews we conducted with our favourite winemakers to give shoppers the same educational experience that they get in-store.  

The website has come a long way in recent years. It was quite a challenge to put an inventory of 11,000 SKUs online in a comprehensive and approachable manner. We are proud to have recently built our own warehouse, which really helps with the logistics for a business that operates seven days a week. 

The beauty of the store is that there is so much choice. Red and white Burgundy always does very well, but so do Champagnes and Californian reds, whiskies, bourbons and gins. We do, of course, feel the current consumer trends, but Hedonism strives not to be overly infl uenced by them.  

We always say that we cannot get too attached to the bottles we stock so as not to be sad when they go. My current favourite is the half bottle of Pol Roger 1947. I love old Champagne and this one really intrigues me as it’s the birth year of my mother and comes in an exceptionally beautiful bottle. Something else I immensely enjoy is Sugrue The Trouble With Dreams 2017. It was a great surprise and is truly the most delicious English sparkling that I have tasted to date. 

We are a team of perfectionists, so we always try to make improvements where possible. Hedonism is constantly developing its events offering and doing more tastings, which are a great success. Now we are using our wine pub, The White Horse, for some of our tastings so we can really cater for the demand. We will be adding another fine wine cellar in 2023, so there will be even more bottles on display.