The latest report by Community Alcohol Partnerships (CAP) has found that underage drinking and anti-social behaviour is likely to decrease when retailers implement a Challenge 25 policy. 

As part of its 2021/22 Annual Report, CAP noted that over the past six years, 98% of retailers have been able to pass Challenge 25 compliance tests, following CAP training. As more retailers put Challenge 25 into practice, CAP recorded a 62% reduction in alcohol consumption in the 13 – 16 age group, with a 42% reduction in anti-social behaviour.

Following its campaign to boost awareness of Challenge 25 regulations among retailers, the Association of Convenience Stores (ACS) is working alongside CAP to continue preventing underage alcohol sales. 

ACS chief executive James Lowman said that “local shops have a fantastic track record of preventing underage sales and promoting responsible retailing”.

“Enforcing the law on age restricted sales is one of the biggest triggers of abuse in stores, so it’s essential that we provide as much support to colleagues as possible by reducing the risk of confrontation. We can take steps toward this by boosting the understanding and application of Challenge 25 among consumers and retailers alike,” he added.