Reliquum has launched an apple brandy made with Opal apples grown on the producer’s Essex farm. Each 50cl bottle contains 28kg of apples, which would otherwise have gone to waste.

The apple brandy is made by pressing Opal apples to make a cider, then an eau de vie which was put into red wine barrels at the English Spirit Distillery.

The first batch is a young four-month brandy, akin to Calvados but smoother, according to the producer. The drink has rich notes of caramel.

Founder, Pete Thompson, who is a third generation farmer and fruit grower, said: “Aged 16 I was packed off to France by my folks to brush up on my French. Landing at a small farm on the Normandy coast I am not sure what it did for my French, but it did introduce me to a while new world of seafood, cider and Calvados. Our brandy is a tribute to Normandy and the finer things in life.”

Thompson partners with the English Spirit Distillery to create spirits, which started in 2017 with leftover apples and pears to make Cotchel juice. He launched Reliquum to give new life to his tree-ripened plums and apricots by infusing them in London Dry Gin.