RedLeg rum has launched its first TV advertising campaign,  entitled ‘Crab Dance’, which will run exclusively on ITV.

The Distil-owned brand created the campaign in collaboration with advertising specialists Small World and their partners 10 Days, alongside ITV’s AdVentures; a commercial incubator for growing brands. 

The advert will feature the brand’s mascot, the RedLeg Hermit Crab. RedLeg chose the hermit crab as its mascot because they are “social creatures that embody the spirit of island life”.

Kate O’Connell, marketing and operations director at RedLeg, said the campaign strives to increase brand awareness: “The campaign creative from Small World and 10 Days coupled with the full support of ITV AdVentures means we’ve been able to trial TV as a channel for us at a crucial time in our growth. This has really opened doors for us to try new ways of working.”