Ginger-haired people will get a discount when they shop at Oddbins this month.

The wine retailer has decided to “spread the love” throughout January, so it is offering 10% off full-priced bottles to various groups that it feels need cheering up.

Redheads, along with mothers, bankers, journalists and Germans, will receive the discount at any Oddbins store on various weekends. 

In the official blog on the company’s website, the group said: “Oddbins is aiming to break ‘the final taboo’ and embrace redheads.

“We love your hair and think 2013 should be the year we all put this nonsense behind us.

“Sterling performances from Greg Rutherford, Damien Lewis, Christina Hendricks and Prince Harry… were cancelled out by Lindsay Lohan’s downward spiral… and Rebekah Brooks, who continued the work she started in 2011: Operation Convince the World Gingers are Not to be Trusted.”

Redheads will get discounted booze from January 25-27.

On January 4-6 mothers will receive the reduction.

The blog, called Blogbins, said: “Mums shoulder an uneven proportion of the burden during the year and particularly over the festive period. They’ve been run ragged by the family … and the government is putting the boot in too.

“The ‘cap’ on maternity and paternity pay is just an innovative use of a three letter word beginning with ‘c’, which sounds different but still means ‘cut’. With inflation almost tripling the capped figure, the net result is that Mums and their families will be even worse off in 2013.”

On January 11-13, it is the turn of bankers and journalists.

Oddbins wants the public to focus on the “good things that banks do” and not just the actions of a few “rogue investment bankers”.

It said: “Every time we chastise ‘bankers’ for the financial crisis, how must this make tellers, analysts, loan officers et al feel? They have done nothing to deserve this derision, but it must affect the morale of the whole group.”

It adds that “not all journalists are listening in on our telephone conversations or stalking the celebrities that sell their newspapers”.

And on January 18-20, Germans will be able to take the edge off the working week with cheaper wine.

Oddbins feels it’s time to move on from World War II and praise this “forest-clad, industrious country”.

It added: “They pre-empted the recession and reined things in while their neighbours, us included, were busy spending wantonly and as a result they haven’t been hit as hard.

“But it seems that, no matter what the Germans do, the rest of us just love to cast them as the panto villains. And we’re sorry to go all Basil Fawlty on you and mention the war, but isn’t it time to put that behind us? Does China bring up opium whenever David Cameron visits?”

Oddbins also mentions that anyone who is eligible for every one of the discounts is in line for a mystery bonus.

So if there are any ginger German journalist/banker mothers out there, head to Oddbins.