Rebel Dsitillers has released an aperitif with a third less sugar than brands such as Aperol.

Rebelle Aperitif is described as “a truly unique liquid” combining botanical copper pot distillation with traditional perfumery and flavour extraction.

Matt McGivern of Rebel Distillers said: “The aperitif market is a unique and beautiful place to create spirits, with a changing world of consumers being more health conscious, social drinking and the effect of Instagram.

“We’ve spent a long time developing this drink, initially through traditional distilling methods, but then inspired by the French perfumery industry. We found by using natural flavours we could still keep the intense flavour with great mouth feel, but also significantly reduce the sugar content. This beautiful drink is a combination of English distilling and French flavouring, whether it’s making a fantastic Spritz with Champagne, or an amazing Negroni, it’s a delicious liquid we’re very proud of.”

The drink has fragrances of mango and yuzu along with herbal scents, including Lavender. It has fruity flavours with herbal and spiced body notes, that round out to be bittersweet and dry. The aftertaste includes a mild bitterness with a hint of sweetness and herbal aftertaste.

Rebelle is available from priced at £19 and it is also stocked at Master of Malt.