Ramborn Cider Company, a premium craft cider and perry producer from Luxembourg, is launching its range of drinks into the UK and other global markets.

Ramborn Luxembourg’s first cider company and it is working to revive the history and tradition of cider-making, which used to exist in the region.

Co-founder, Adie Kaye, said: “For a small producer, Ramborn has an extensive range of ciders and perries. Our core range appeals to both cider connoisseurs and consumers who are starting to discover or rediscover their love of cider and are looking for high-quality, interesting and sustainable choices.”

Ramborn also has cellar editions, which include both large formats and limited releases. This collection currently includes spirit-barrel-aged still ciders, single tank expressions and it will soon feature a quince wine and ice cider.

Kaye said: “We’re really seeing an opening with the discerning foodie crowd, they are very receptive to trying ciders where they may normally have wine – ones with unusual taste profiles that are well paired with the food have been tremendously popular with Michelin starred restaurants across Europe. This is something we’ll look to explore further as we progress.”

Ramborn uses freshly pressed juice froim fruits growing in nearby meadow orchards. It works with more than 100 farmers from orchards in Luxembourg, sourcing traditional varieties of apples, different from the mostly bittersweet variants found in the western regions of England and France.

Primarily Ramborn uses its namesake ‘Rambo’ apple, which is a favourite around the village of Born, where the company is based. These are used alongside Boskoop, Bohnapful and Luxemburger Triumpf. 

In the UK Ramborn cider are currently available from Fetch the Drinks and Nectar import Ltd.