Raasay Distillery is set to release Raasay While We Wait 2018, which is the fourth expression to date of the brand’s independently bottled single malt.

These expressions were created as a representation of the flavours that drinkers can expect from future Raasay scotch whisky, and the release of Raasay While We Wait 2018 begins the countdown to 2020 when the first ever Raasay single malt in Scotch whisky history will be released.

Raasay While We Wait has been crafted as an accurate representation of Raasay Distillery’s future core style.

Designed as a peaty abnd fruity single malt, each iteration of Raasay While We Wait has been crafted through the vatting of two malts from a single Highland distillery – heavilty peated at 45ppm and unpeated – matured in bourbon barrels and finished in Tuscan Montechiari wine casks.

Compared to previous releases, the 2018 release uses a higher proportion of second-fill than the first-fill Tuscan Montechiari wine casks, resulting in a finer balance between the influence of French oak and smoke.