Quick Brown Fox, the premium coffee liqueur from New Zealand, has secured a listing in the UK in Majestic stores.

The liqueur is made using a blend of far trade and organic roasted coffees from farms in Sumatra, Colombia and Papua New Guinea, along with a dash of cinnamon from India.

The 20 % abv drink is expected to tap into the growing popularity of liqueurs in the UK, as well as a trend for lower alcohol drinks and for coffee flavours, according to the producer.

Founder, Arjun Haszard, said: “I found myself curiously obsessing over coffee, and all its complexities. It was an incredibly difficult path to create a coffee liqueur with nothing artificial but what we have created is truly distinctive and an experience for the palate.”

Each bottle is hand-crafted and hand-filled. The 50cl bottles are distributed exclusively in the UK by SEA Spirits and will be available to purchase at Majestic in stores and online for £25.