Sicilian Wine brand Purato has undergone a packaging redesign as brand owners look to communicate sustainability values to consumers.

Launched to coincide with Purato’s 13th year of production, the new packaging emphasises the brand’s key credentials on the front label: vegan-friendly, organic and carbon neutral. 

Further information about Purato’s credentials has been added to the back label, including the brand’s Equalitas certification which spans social, environmental and economic sustainability. 

Stefano Girelli, managing director of Purato supplier, The Wine People, said: “We have a lot of information that we feel is important to communicate to the consumer.

“But it’s important to get the balance right – to get our messages across, reassuring the consumer that they are buying the right wine, without bombarding them with facts and figures.  We hope that we have achieved this with the evolution of the Purato branding.”