The Portman Group now has 11 members after Asahi UK, Aston Manor Cider and SHS Drinks all decided to join the organisation.

Diageo, Pernod Ricard, Budweiser Brewing Group, Carlsberg, Heineken, Bacardi, Brown-Forman and Mast-Jäegermeister are the other members.

SHS was previously in the Portman Group, and it said that rejoining would allow it to have a leading voice in the industry conversation around responsible alcohol consumption.

The Portman Group said that the membership base has now grown more in the space of a month than it did in the previous decade.

Chief executive John Timothy said: “There was a spirit of camaraderie that led to the founding of the Portman Group 30 years ago. We continue to be inspired by our founders to take the most responsible approach to the alcohol industry.

“In celebrating our anniversary we hope to kickstart a new wave of growth in the membership. I am delighted to welcome Asahi UK, Aston Manor Cider and SHS Drinks to the Portman Group and hope that other companies will emulate our newest members and join us as we seek to work with and alongside those with a genuine commitment to lead.”

Some industry insiders would like to see more smaller producers represented in the Portman Group, but Timothy insists that it does not favour large producers over their craft counterparts, and that each case is considered on its merits when it makes rulings about irresponsible advertising.

Timothy said: “While our member companies may currently be larger producers, we are in regular communication with smaller producers and are always eager to strengthen our links with the craft sector.

“The panel receives a range of briefings and training throughout the year to help it keep a broad understanding of the changing UK alcohol market.

“One of these briefings last year was from the head of SIBA, who was invited to present to the panel to outline the perspective of the craft sector, and who also contributed to our recent code review.”