The Portman Group has urged retailers not to stock a cider brand called Suicyder that was produced by The Bearded Brewery in Cornwall.

A member of the public complained to the regulator over concerns that it is a play on the word suicide and features iconographic images.

The brand features a skull, a rope with a noose and a strapline that reads: “juice from the noose”.

The Portman Group complaints panel decided that it is a highly irresponsible brand that creates a direct link between suicide, alcohol and dangerous behaviour.

The Bearded Brewery stated the noose was designed to reflect the owner’s previous career as a tree surgeon, where a noose was used to dismantle unsafe trees.

However, the panel decided that most consumers would be unaware on this, ruling that it is an inappropriate product.

A Portman Group spokesperson said: “The panel felt it was wholly inappropriate to link a product’s name and imagery to the tragic act of suicide. I hope this reminds producers of their responsibilities when designing packaging and naming products. If in doubt producers are encouraged to make use of our free advisory service to avoid problems before they arise.”

The Bearded Brewery, which also has a bar and cider shop in Cornwall, decided not to work with the Portman Group on amending Suicyder. The Portman Group has therefore issued a retailer bulletin asking the trade not to stock it.