Retailers and producers are urged to take part in a public consultation into the fifth edition of the Portman Group’s Code of Practice.

The consultation begins in spring 2018 and trade members can register their interest in the process by emailing or tweeting @portmangroup, which will then ensure they receive alerts when the consultation launches.

It will mark the fifth review since the Code of Practice on the Naming, Packaging and Promotion of Alcoholic Drinks was first introduced in 1996.

It will aim to define “immoderate consumption” in light of the Chief Medical Officer removing daily limits from drinking guidelines.

That has impacted on the panel’s ability to assess complaints about whether or not sampling promotions and single serve, non-resealable containers are illegal.

The Portman Group also aims to strengthen the code to prohibit direct or indirect links with alcohol and any illegal activity.

It aims to introduce a new rule addressing serious and widespread offences, such as sexism in marketing.

Respondents will also be able to identify other issues for consideration in the consultation process.

Portman Group chief executive John Timothy said: “Alcohol producers are serious about their leadership role in tackling misuse and ensuring that their products are marketed responsibly.

“We know that self-regulation works, driving up standards and holding producers to account – but to make sure it continues to do so the Code must evolve with new issues and challenges.

“This is our fifth review of the Code and we need to make sure it remains fit for the future. That means ensuring it continues to be responsive to changes in the marketing landscape, while also challenging producers to achieve the highest standards of social responsibility.

“We will be engaging widely to secure a range of views and would encourage anyone with an interest in alcohol and responsible marketing to get in touch.”