The Portman Group has issued a statement in response to a new Government anti-obesity initiative, which aims to put calorie information on beer, wines and spirits labels. 

The new Obesity Strategy document, which gives guidance on a number of areas to help tackle obesity across the nation, includes a consultation this year on adding calorie information to alcohol labels.

The regulatory body for the drinks industry, the Portman Group, said that while it is in support of ways to tackle obesity there is a concern that calorie labels could place UK producers at a competitive disadvantage.

John Timothy, chief executive of the Portman Group, said: “’We support efforts to provide consumers with more information about their purchases and are committed to working with the Government to ensure that these proposals align with much of the voluntary work already taking place. Many producers have already committed to provide nutrition and calorie information on-pack and online by 2022.

“While we support measures to help tackle obesity, it is important that any new labelling regime takes into account all up-to-date and relevant data and does not place UK producers at a competitive disadvantage.”

As Timothy noted, many producers have already added calorie information to their labels while others have pledged to do so by 2022.