As 2023 begins, the Portman Group has urged the government to prioritise launching consultation on low/no labelling while also supporting the sector to ensure its continued growth. 

According to the Portman Group, which moderates alcohol marketing, a new YouGov survey found 29% of drinkers now consume low/no alternatives on a “semi-regular” basis, with a further 17% reporting a reduction in their alcohol intake after trying low/no options. And as the new year kicks off, 25% of those who plan to reduce alcohol consumption in 2023 said they intend to stop drinking at home altogether.

To reduce confusion among consumers who are new to low/no, the group encouraged the government to update the terminology used for low/no labelling as the category continues to lack consistent regulations. Furthermore, it noted the importance of encouraging growth in the category so as to not let it “lose momentum” in the UK. 

Matt Lambert, CEO of the Portman Group, said the “variety and availability of low and no alcoholic drinks has never been stronger as more consumers look to moderate their alcohol intake”. 

Lambert continued: “We are calling on the government to launch the low-alcohol descriptors consultation this year to give further support to the low and no alcohol sector. It has been expected for nearly two years, but given the turbulent political year this hasn’t been prioritised. This is an important review which should see alignment with global descriptors and give another push to this innovative category which is an active substitute for alcohol and supports moderate drinking.”