The Porterhouse Brewing Company has opened the doors to its new Dublin-based brewery, which it created in a bid to keep up with rising demand for its products in the UK and Europe.

The independently-owned Irish craft brewer said the new space, which is the result of a E6 million investment, will allow for a wider variety of beers as well as facilitating increased demand.

Head brewer and director, Peter Mosley, said: “The increased brewing and storage capabilities of the new site will give us the flexibility to produce and experiment further with flavour variation, create limited editions and seasonal brews, which will appeal to a wider audience of beer drinkers, while still meeting the demands for our core and already established beers.”

Production has commenced for all existing brews, but the first official new release to emerge from the site will be the winning creation of the Porterhouse Beer Project. The initiative was introduced to challenge employees throughout the group, to apply their skills and knowledge to develop a beer that would appeal to both existing and new generations of craft beer drinkers.

The winning concept was the Porterhouse Bounty Hunter, submitted by Porterhouse import distributors, Grand Cru. The beer is a coconut porter with a roasted chocolate finish, and the limited edition beer is scheduled for release in the UK on St Patrick’s Day 2018.

The brewery will feature a visitor centre, which will include an events space for hosting live music, parties, street food markets and corporate functions.

Founding partner, Liam LaHart, said: “It won’t be like your typical brewery visitors centre, which to be honest, are more like museums. We want to create a bit of theatre, an immersive experience that is all about getting involved in the process and having fun. The new Cross City Tram line will run right past the brewery, allowing for easy access to and from the city centre.