Pinkster has launched a new brand extension to add to its growing collection of alcoholic raspberry products.

Pinkster Royale is described as a “rich raspberry spirit”, with an initial bottling run of 3,000.

The drink is made from recycled, gin-soaked raspberries and it is the third natural by-product, which it said “signifies its commitment to sustainability and minimising waste”. It contains no added sugars, meaning it isn’t classified as a liqueur. It is primarily designed as a cocktail ingredient, although it can be enjoyed neat over ice.

Stephen Marsh, managing director, said: “There is a clue in the name. Our latest tipple will pimp up your Prosecco with a delicious raspberry hit.

“Initial trade reaction to Pinkster Royale, from our local trials, has been mighty positive, with outlets telling us that people like the whole backstory along with the luscious, fruity flavour.”

The Cambridge-based firm’s first natural by-product was Boozy Berries, a dessert ingredient, which was launched in 2015. This was followed by Gin Jam a year later.

Marsh continued: “At a time when pink spirits are all the rage, we are quick to champion the fact that our botanical include raspberries. Real ones. The ones that grow on bushes.

“As a pink pioneer, our view is that it is the flavour not the colour that matters. The Pinkster Royale launch just reinforces that we are an innovative, premium brand dealing in fresh fruit.”

Pinkster Royale is available in 35cl bottles, priced at £24.