The producers of Pinkster gin have released a fruit gin liqueur made with Suffolk quince and wild bullace foraged from the hedgerows of East Anglia. 

The new drink, QB, is the first new brand to be unveiled by holding company Ginmeister since Pinkster launched in summer 2013.

Following a successful trial with local Cambridge outlets including The Pint Shop, QB has just secured an exclusive wholesaler listing with Gordon & MacPhail.

Stephen Marsh, Ginmeister managing director, said: “It’s no understatement that QB really is pretty out of the ordinary. 

“We’ve spent days on our hands and knees rummaging around the hedgerows to collect the fruit and the resulting taste of the unusual quince and bullace pairing is divine. 

“The little known bullace is a variety of plum. Mixed with quince, which belongs to the same family as apples and pears, it results in a versatile, subtly sweet, fruity drink.

The QB and ginger signature serve is over ice with ginger ale, garnished with a strip of orange peel. The fruit gin liqueur is also recommended neat with crushed ice, or served in a champagne cocktail.”

QB is based on an original recipe created by Marsh, who oversees production, signing each of the distinctive, numbered, limited edition bottles.

He added: “Pinkster sales are flying and it firmly remains our flagship brand but we’ll certainly be looking at other quirky, fruity variations to broaden our portfolio and introduce people to new drinking experiences, just as we’ve already successfully done with raspberries.”