The team behind Pinkster Gin is using its gin expertise to extend into fruit gin liqueurs.

Hedgepig, a range of premium, small batch gin liqueurs, is currently comprised of two expressions: Wild Bullace & Quince and Rampant Raspberry. More variants will join the range in 2018.

The parent company, Ginmeister, was founded in 2013 with the launch of Pinkster, which has seen rapid growth since launch, fuelled by a £1m crowdfunding investment raised last year. Brand extensions for Pinkster have included Boozy Berries and Gin Jam, both made with recycled raspberries left over from making the gin.

Managing director, Stephen Marsh, said: “Hedgepig heralds the start of an exciting new development for the business. While Pinkster will always be the flagship brand, Hedgepig allows us to indulge our passion for making gin with fresh fruit to create a range of unusual handcrafted liqueurs.

“The thinking behind the brand is limited seasonal bottlings and quirky, quality ingredients all packaged up with eye-catching designs. We will go easy on sugar levels and the abv’s will be on the higher side.

“Aside from other Pinkster by-products, all future launches will fall under the Hedgepig banner and we expect to have three more liqueurs available next year.”

The 30% abv Wild Bullace & Quince is made using Suffolk quince and bullace foraged from the hedgerows of East Anglia. The little-known bullace is a variety of plum. Mixed with quince, which belongs to the same family as apples and pears, it results in a versatile, subtly sweet, fruity drink, according to the producer.

Marsh added: “We have spent days on our hands and knees rummaging around hedgerows and the resulting taste of the unusual quince and bullace pairing is divine. It works particularly well with cheese and makes a great pudding gin.

“Rampant Raspberry (33% abv) is produced with raspberries from nearby Sunclose Farm where we also souce the Pinkster raspberries.

“When we launched Pinkster pundits said we were crazy attempting to make gin with wet fruit. Well, I like to think we have confounded the cynics and now we are committed to offering discerning drinkers other adventurous fruity tipples.”

The two variants are priced at £40 for a 50cl bottle.