Pinkster has launched a bag-in-box option for fans of its premium gin.

Pinkster on Tap is a three-litre bag-in-box variant of its raspberry infused gin, aimed at both the off and on-trades. The packaging format is designed to cut down on glass waste, while also appealing to consumers who might want an option for outdoor events and picnics.

Stephen Marsh, managing director, said: “Bag-in-boxes have been enjoying a renaissance in the wine world, with many retailers reporting a surge in sales, and we see no reason why this shouldn’t be the case with spirits.

“Pinkster on Tap is all about convenience and sustainability delivered in an eye-catching, stylish format.

“We have tested the concept with selected accounts and initial feedback has been mighty positive.

“It’s time for bag-in-boxes to shed their rather negative and passé perceptions, and we are proud as a premium brand, to be leading the way on this.

“From Glastonbury to Glyndebourne, we are excited about the potential of summer festivals, offering people a fun, practical way of enjoying their G&Ts. Especially given pink gin seems to be the drink of the moment.

“Similarly for the sailing fraternity, summer picnics and other outdoor activities, where glass is either frowned upon, banned or you simply don’t want to lug around clunky, heavy bottles.

“With consumer drinking and purchasing habits changing, we are always looking at new ways to stand out from the pack.

“We are mindful that this is trailblazing for spirits packaging but on the basis pundits said we were made to contemplate making gin with wet fruit all those years ago, we are not exactly sticklers for convention.”
With an rrp of £135, Pinkster On Tap presents better value for consumers and trade than buying the equivalent 4.3 x 70cl bottles, according to the producer.