A new online drinks shop is reporting surprise consumer trends for perry and cap classique sparkling wines from South Africa.  

Home Tipple says sales of perry have increased by 80% since June. The site lists bottle-fermented perry from Burrow Hill in Somerset.

Home Tipple director Mikey Studer said: “Shoppers are seeking more boutique producers and are intrigued by perry because it is delicious, delicate and dry-ish. 

“Drinkers seeking lower alcohol sparkling wines are switching to this bottle-fermented perry, which at 7.2& abv is fantastic with so many types of food. Cheese, pork belly or fish and chips are all friends with this beautifully dry bottle.”

He added that cap classique accounted for almost 60% of the company’s sparkling wine sales since May.

“People are starting to realise that sparkling wine is not all about expensive Champagne or cheap Prosecco,” said Studer, “especially given that Prosecco isn’t really cheap anymore. 

“There is a greater interest in sparkling wine that’s made in the same way as Champagne, but for a much keener price.”

Home Tipple lists three wines from South Africa’s Bon Courage Wine Estate in Robertson Valley [pictured], alongside fizz from South America, Australia and Europe.

“UK consumers have responded to the multiple starts and stops to alcohol sales in South Africa by lapping up this seriously top-drawer fizz that doesn’t have the top-drawer price tag,” Studer said.

“At under £18 per bottle, discovering Bon Courage’s Jacques Bruére bubbles is like finding an amazing Champagne hack. 

“You get the extra fruitiness from the South African sunshine but still with that biscuity note that Champagne has. Around 10 years of age on these bottles makes them even more impressive.”

Studer is one of a founding team of three that set up Home Tipple earlier this year, with the aim of providing everything for the home bar at prices that are fair to consumers and producers.

He added: “The three of us make individual and private notes during every product taste test prior to listing. 

“Then we compare notes and make a decision based on quality, flavour and value for money. 

“Only about 20-30% of what we taste earns a coveted listing.”