A new branch of Parfetts’ off-licence fascia The Local has opened in Chesterfield, after retailer Sharma Kumaresan joined the group.

Kumaresan has taken on a new 800 sq foot store on Station Lane, Old Whittington, partnering with Parfetts on the venture to bring the “first dedicated off-licence” to the area.

The store offers a range of beer, wines and spirits including “choice wines from independent suppliers”.

Kumaresan said: “Parfetts has been proactive, and the support available is second to none. Stock availability is essential to me, and being the only off-licence in the area; I want to be able to offer a range to customers that will drive repeat business and build loyalty. Working with Parfetts, I know that this is covered.”

Parfetts launched The Local fascia to sit alongside its Go Local symbol group. According to the company, retailers in The Local fascia benefit from a 2% rebate, free delivery and regular promotional offers across beers, wines and spirits.