Eco-packaging company Frugalpac has launched a lightweight bottle that weights five times less than a typical 75cl glass wine bottle. 

The packaging, which is made from 94% recycled cardboard, leaves a carbon footprint that is 84% lower than a new glass bottle and a third less than a recycled glass bottle, according to quality assurance provider Intertek.

Frugalpac is working with Cantina Goccia for its first Frugal Bottle wine, which will be an unoaked Sangiovese. The wine will be listed by Woodwinters in its Scottish stores and online.

The bottle is fully recyclable, including the internal food-grade plastic liner, and the water footprint is said to be a quarter of that of a glass bottle.

Frugalpac’s chief executive, Malcolm Waugh, said: “We want to deliver great wine and spirits in innovative packaging whilst helping our customers and consumers reduce their impact on the environment.

“The Frugal Bottle offers a major point of difference for the global wine and spirits sector through stand out design and positive sustainable benefits.

“We have had fantastic feedback from people who have trialled the Frugal Bottle – as well as the superior environmental benefits, it looks and feels like no other bottle you have ever seen.”

Doug Wood, founder of Woodwinters, said: “Woodwinters’ team and customers are huge fans of the delicious wines of Cantina Goccia. Innovation in sustainability at all stages of wine’s journey from vineyard to glass is something that we believe is hugely important.

“We are, therefore, obviously very excited to support the availability of one of our favourite wines in this new format with all its potentially great positive environmental impact.”

Frugalpac said the Frugal Bottle is “under active consideration” by a number of UK supermarkets and the Cantina Goccia Frugal Bottle will soon be available in other retail outlets in the UK.