Morgenrot has added two IPAs from Swedish brewery Pang Pang to its range in a bid to cause “mayhem” in the UK craft beer market.

The Manchester-based BWS importer has already been distributing Pang Pang’s 10% abv Shower Beer, a double pale ale designed to be drunk in the shower.

The new arrivals are designed to further titillate UK craft beer aficionados with “an assault on the senses”.

Fredrik Tunedal, owner of Pang Pang, said: “It’s great to have these Swedish beauties in the UK and we look forward to causing more mayhem in their thriving UK craft beer scene in the coming months. I’m confident the new arrivals will excite, intrigue and provoke in equal measures so be ready.”

Gaffa Grey is a 5.8% IPA brewed with Earl Grey team, while Prepper Double IPA has an abv of 8% and is said to be “all you need to get through the apocalypse”, along with “duct tape, a Ruger 10/22, paracord, loose morals, a tight relationship with Bear Grylls, a Cessna 172, and a remote cabin”. 

Morgenrot commercial director John Critchley said: “We’re thrilled to extend our relationship with Fredrik and offer these utterly unique, one-off beers to operators. As we saw with the Shower Beer, the beers Fredrik produces are like no others you will see, hear about or taste and we’re confident operators and consumers will get a huge kick out of them. With the IPA styles continuing to see strong interest, we’re expecting big things.”