Pale Fox Prosecco, a single estate, small production sparkling wine, is now available to the UK off-trade.

The 11% abv wine, which comes from the DOCG region of Asolo-Montello from Valle delle Volpi (translated as “valley of the foxes”), is made using 100% renewable energy sources from both solar and hydro-electric energy. It also uses a 100% plant-based filter made from a natural clay called Bentonite.

Pale Fox (rsp: £23.95), is made using pale Glera grapes, which have been carefully grown to create the “best possible produce and maximum amount of flavour”. The grapes are crushed and pressed within 24 hours of being picked and the juice is set aside to start the fermentation process.

The grapes are fermented using indigenous yeasts and an extra-slow secondary fermentation process. It has a creamy sparkle, created during the extra-long 90-day secondary fermentation process, which is three times the usual 30-day process for Prosecco and twice the usual 45 days for Champagne. The producer said this results in an “infinitely more complex flavour” with finer, more persistent bubbles.

Pale Fox was created with the aim of elevating Prosecco to new levels of complexity and sophistication, according to the company.