Overhex Winery has launched the first sparkling orange wine from South Africa, under its Get Lost brand. The company is showing the wine for the first time at Cape Wine 2022.

Head winemaker Ben Snyman from the Worcester-based winery in the Western Cape said the project started two years ago.

“There was no classification for sparkling orange wine, so I had to create a thesis for it and present it to the wine board,” he said. “That means we’re the first company in South Africa to create sparkling orange wine and the interest has been huge.”

Stylistically, Snyman described the wine as a gateway to orange wine, without being “too funky”.

The wine is made using Chenin Blanc grapes that have undergone skin contact for seven days to “create texture and tannin for mouthfeel”. The wine also goes through malolactic fermentation and it is naturally dry.  

Snyman has made 18,000 bottles of the 2022 vintage and he expects to make more in 2023.

He said the sparkling wine is made by adding CO2.

“This product allows consumers to experience orange wine without going to the funky side,” he said.

The wine will be available in the UK via Beyond Wines. It is expected to retail around the £12.50 price point.