Waitrose has reported soaring sales of organic wine and it now claims to enjoy a 60% share of the UK market.

It said sales are up 57% year-on-year after it increased its range to 54 organic wines from across the globe.

Buyer Maria Elener said: “We have seen a really strong increase in demand for organic wines in the last year and are thrilled to offer our customers the largest supermarket range, with 54 wines from 18 different countries equating to a 60% market share.”

Lee Holdstock of Soil Association Certification added: “Organic wine is going through a really buoyant period, with growth that is 10 times higher than non-organic wine. Supermarkets, such as Waitrose, have sourced some amazing organic wines from all around the world.

“Higher certification standards for organic wine mean it is low in sulphates, while research shows that organic crops and products – including organic red wine – have higher levels of antioxidant rich bioflavonoids.

“Choosing organic also means helping protect our vital wildlife and reducing exposure to potentially harmful pesticides and chemicals.”

To celebrate organic month this September, Waitrose will be offering a 12-bottle case called Purely Organic for £123.

Jeff Cichocki, head winemaker for Bonterra Organic Vineyards, which has a listing at Waitrose, said: “People care about where there food comes from and in turn, they are interested in where and how their wines are made.

“Three decades ago, we started with the belief that organic grapes would make outstanding wines. People thought we were crazy, but over 30 years later demand has never been higher – we haven’t looked back.”