Old Mout has a new pack format to tap into the summer sharing occasion for cider.

Heineken’s premium flavoured cider brand is now available in 10-can packs with a grab-handle. The new packaging format – which is expected to appeal to the convenience sector – is designed to ensure consumers have an easy to carry option, particularly when making impulse-sharing purchases.

The New Zealand cider brand will have 10-can packs available across three of its flavours: Kiwi & Lime; Strawberry & Pomegranate; and Passionfruit & Apple. A four-pack will also be available for Kiwi & Lime.

“Our new packs are 100% recyclable and have a grab handle that makes them easy to carry to spontaneous summer parties and barbeques,” said Emma Sherwood-Smith, Heineken’s cider brand director.

“We recommend that retailers should stock up on the 10-pack and four-packs this summer to attract new shoppers to the category and to drive additional sales over the summer.”

The brand also recently unveiled a £5m campaign to target the “naturally adventurous” and to drive consumers into store.

The grab handle 10-packs will be priced at £11 each.