Sales of alcohol via the off-trade are up by around 25% each week, in comparison to the same period in January 2020.

Nielsen data shows that weekly sales so far for January 2021 are growing ahead of the Covid-19 period to date, which Nielsen has tracked each week since February 1, 2020. Sales for the off-trade for the total Covid-19 period are up by 22%, having dropped slightly throughout August, September and October when the on-trade was partially open throughout the UK.

Nielsen’s client delivery team leader, Rob Hallworth, said: “As we have settled into the third week of lockdown, growth rates have remained very consistent over the past few weeks with BWS growing at +25% versus 26% in the first two weeks of lockdown. 

“Beer continues to be the biggest driver with growth of 36%. Cider has also started to pick up after Christmas with 24% growth over the past two weeks. Wine and Spirits have slowed down after a strong start to the year but are still broadly in line with overall trends over the Covid-19 period.”