Budweiser Brewing Group has estimated a 20% rise in off-trade beer sales compared to the first quarter of the year as consumer shopping behaviour shifts during the summer. 

As the warmer weather brings about summer drinking occasions, the Budweiser Group – which produces beers such as Stella Artois and Corona – has predicted that beer sales will continue on an upward trajectory. 

According to NIQ data, last year’s second quarter saw a 24% increase in off-trade beer sales volumes compared to the first quarter of 2022, with Budweiser expecting this year to follow suit. 

The Budweiser team suggested that sales will also be boosted by upcoming sporting events such as the Women’s Football World Cup, Rugby World Cup and the Wimbledon Championships. 

Elsewhere, company owners predicted that at-home beer drinking occasions will be prominent this summer, with the Budweiser team attributing this to growing consumer knowledge on food and beer pairing – particularly in relation to BBQs. 

Maria Neves, head of category management at Budweiser, said this summer will provide a “golden opportunity for retailers”, adding: “Understanding and responding to consumer demand by tapping into different events such as the Women’s World Cup and the BBQ season is going to be key for retailers.

“By seizing the chance to cater to the soaring demand for summer beers and lagers, they can curate an enticing selection, stock up on crowd favourites, and unlock the potential to maximise their profits.”