Communications regulator Ofcom has not upheld a complaint against a documentary about BrewDog.

The BBC Scotland documentary Disclosure: The Truth about BrewDog aired in January 2022. Ofcom, which released its ruling this week, dismissed complaints from BrewDog and CEO James Watt about “unjust or unfair treatment and unwarranted infringement of privacy in connection with the obtaining of material included in the programme, and in the programme as broadcast”.

The programme examined BrewDog’s marketing strategy and commercial practices in the context of claims about its corporate culture. It included accounts given by former BrewDog employees who spoke about their experiences of alleged personal misconduct by Watt. The programme also included allegations about Watt’s personal investments.

In a case summary, Ofcom said the complainants claimed they were treated unjustly or unfairly, and that Watt’s privacy was infringed in both the obtaining and broadcast of material relating to his personal investments.

“Ofcom’s decision is that material facts were not presented, disregarded or omitted in a way that was unfair to the complainants, that they had an appropriate and timely opportunity to respond to the allegations made in the programme, and that their response was fairly reflected in the programme,” the summary said.

 Ofcom also considered that Watt had a legitimate expectation of privacy with regard to the obtaining and subsequent broadcast of material concerning his personal investments.

“Watt’s legitimate expectation of privacy did not, on balance, outweigh the broadcaster’s right to freedom of expression and the public interest in obtaining and including the material in the programme,” the ruling said. “Therefore, there was no unwarranted infringement of Watt’s privacy in connection with the obtaining and subsequent broadcast of the material included in the programme.”

To read the in-depth ruling, click here.

BrewDog has been contacted for comment.