Three in four UK adults think it’s acceptable for colleagues to drink alcohol-free beer at their desks, according to a report from research consultancy KAM and no-alcohol beer brand Lucky Saint.

The figure rises to 85% among those aged 18-24. One in five of that group don’t drink alcohol, the highest proportion for any age bracket, even though more than half of them visit pubs or bars once a week or more.

The report also found that three in four UK adults who do drink alcohol are actively moderating, while the proportion consuming alcohol more than once a month has fallen to 88%, from 93% in 2023 and 95% two years ago.

There is also a notable trend towards “zebra-striping” – alternating alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks in the on-trade, with a quarter of respondents using it as a strategy to moderate their alcohol consumption.

“The future of socialising in the UK will certainly be less-centred around alcohol,” said KAM managing director Katy Moses. 

Lucky Saint founder Luke Boase added: “We’re seeing a rapid cultural shift in attitudes towards alcohol.

“There is a great opportunity for alcohol-free drinks to have a huge positive impact on the health of the nation and the report shows that continuing to improve availability and visibility of quality alcohol-free options will be critical in making that happen.”