NielsenIQ has merged with CGA, a on-trade data analysis organisation, to deliver a “complete view” of both the on- and off-trade.

Building on NielsenIQ’s 2009 investment in CGA, CGA’s data will be integrated into NielsenIQ’s Connect data analytics platform. By bringing together on- and off-trade data, the merger aims to amend the “fragmented nature of sales channels” in the drinks industry so that the trade can access multi-channel data in one place. 

Rachel White, managing director UK & Ireland at NielsenIQ, said: “Our commitment to invest and innovate on a global scale with breakthrough leading channel coverage is going to power growth for clients globally.”

Phil Tate, CEO of CGA, also noted the importance of combining on- and off-trade data: “If you’re viewing on and off-premise data in silos there are blind spots to the total market, customer insights and total business performance.”