McLaren Vale - shaking all over

Sarah and Sparky Marquis, the winemakers behind McLaren Vale's Mollydooker Wines, are shaking up the wine world with a video showing how to get rid of excess nitrogen in their red wines - now to be seen on Unfortunately OLN's internet connection went a bit funky during the broadcast, but we think it went a little bit like this:

1 Pour a small amount of the wine into a glass

2 Replace the


3 With the bottle in your right hand, jump to the left

4 And then a step to the right

5 Put your hands on your hips

6 And bring your knees in tight

7 Now it's the pelvic thrust, it really drives you insane ...

8 ... and once the mousse has settled, the wine will be ready to drink without the nitrogen flattening the fruit flavours.

Cider gets the blues

OLN was delighted to learn

pear cidermaker St Helier has launched a blueberry version - especially after the company informed us about the "heritage appeal and long-developed folklore" surrounding the blueberry. In case you, dear reader, did not know

of the

fruit's mythical background, here is a brief summary:

The Blueberry Bush of Certain Doom was the second plant to be created in the Garden of Eden, after the Apple Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil

The so-called Dark Ages were actually the Purple Ages, and were caused by the final collapse of the Blueberry Bush of Certain Doom under the weight of its then unwanted fruit, covering most of early civilisation in a blue, fruity mush

The blueberry first became fashionable in medieval times, after St George survived on the fruit for seven weeks during his quest to slay the dragon, and has remained in vogue ever since.

In wino veritas

A local wino thought his luck was in when he spotted row upon row of Rioja wines being judged at Kensington Place restaurant last Tuesday for the UK's 2008 promotional campaign. Our friend had spotted the line-up despite frosted glass and blinds and, can of lager in hand and laughing his head off, banged on the window for quite some time in an unsuccessful bid to gain entry. The unexpected interruption caused both amusement and bemusement to the judges as they were sipping and slurping their way through some 150 wines, including some fine 2001 reservas and a few superb gran reservas. It is a little

known fact that most street drinkers rate gran reserva Rioja as their favourite tipple, just pipping Tennents Super and Carlsberg Special Brew to the post - it is only the difference in pack price that keeps them drinking the superstrength lagers instead of Spain's favourite red wine.

Just hanging around

As part of a new series of glamorous responsible drinking initiatives, those cool cats behind Russian Standard vodka have gone to the lengths of hanging a pretty lady in her undergarments from a chandelier to demonstrate that, in certain circumstances, drink can go to your head. In this case the lady was a trained acrobat who was able to dangle upside down for

some 16 hours and collect more than 36,000 used shot glasses from a party of City businessmen - although she had to be released in order to actually wash them up. She told OLN: "After 14 hours or so I started losing the will to live, but everyone was enjoying themselves, the glasses kept coming and I just kept going. Your readers shouldn't try this at home though," she added.

Now That's better than Robbie

A little over a year since Take That members Howard, Gary, Mark and Jason reunited, the legendary boy band have finally announced a replacement for Robbie Williams - Nicky Dunne, chief executive of the Odyssey Arena in Belfast. Dunne said she was "delighted" by the appointment, and promised to be "just as good, if not better than Robbie in terms of dance moves and singing - but without the attitude problem". The rest of the That welcomed Dunne warmly to the band - especially after she presented them each with a bottle of Vranken-Pommery Monopole's Pommery Brut Royal NV to celebrate her imminent pop stardom.

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