Store offers WSET course

Glasgow wine retailer to teach Intermediate Certificate to customers

A Glasgow merchant is opening a wine school on his premises in response to customer interest in the products he sells.

Ross Buchanan, of Inverarity One to One, is launching the

school to help small groups of customers attain the WSET Intermediate Certificate.

The course will be run in two-hour evening sessions over a 10-week period and will be hosted by Buchanan, a WSET accredited tutor, at the shop on Bath Street.

He said: "I'm keen to keep the classes reasonably small, to about 10, just to keep things cosy and intimate. We've got a lovely big oak table we can sit around, so it's not really too much like a classroom environment.

"Having the wine around us will hopefully inspire people - they will be able to pick up the bottle, read the labels and try the wines.

"I've done a similar course recently for trade customers and we got through about 70 wines over the 10 weeks."

The course will be priced between £250 and £300 and students will not have to take the final exam if they choose not to.

"We've had people coming in and asking if we do wine courses," Buchanan said. "We're just responding to a lot of interest from customers."

WSET chief executive Ian Harris welcomed the plan. "Not many shops have got enough room to run a course but it's something we're trying to encourage," he said.

"We thoroughly endorse the idea of wine merchants spreading out education using the WSET courses.

"A lot of wine merchants do offer informal education, some more informal than others."

Harris said that around 20% of people taking WSET courses were not connected to the drinks trade.

He added: "From speaking to people we know that those who want to learn about wine like the structure of the WSET courses and the credibility it gives - and having the certificate on the kitchen wall once they've finished."