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Raid finds illegal worker

A Suffolk off-licence is facing a heavy fine after being caught employing an illegal immigrant. A raid by the UK Border Agency on the Ruhana off-licence in Ipswich discovered a 37-year-old Sri L ankan man working illegally using a Belgian passport. The

agency now has the right to impose an on-the-spot fine of up to £10,000. Gail Adams, regional director of the UK Border Agency, said: "Employers who don't play by the rules will lose the right to recruit staff from outside Europe, face on-the-spot fines and could potentially end up in jail."

Tesco shifts to Think 25 policy

Tesco is moving from a Think 21 to a Think 25 policy, bringing it into line with Asda and Morrisons, which already operate Challenge 25 policies, and Marks & Spencer, which is expected to move to Challenge 25 this month. A Tesco spokesman said: "We take our responsibilities towards the sale of alcohol very seriously. To support our staff in preventing under-age sales, stores will be moving to a Think 25 policy. This means that if a customer looks under 25 and does not have appropriate ID to prove they are over 18, they will not be sold alcohol in our stores."

French cancel wine tasting

The French Trade Commission has been forced to cancel its tasting of wines from British-owned and run vineyards around France. A spokeswoman told OLN: "In the current economic climate, a key number of producers are understandably unable to attend as many wine events as they would like to." The event, which was due to take place in London on April 21, is hoped to happen next year.

BRC credits London City Bond

London City Bond has become the first third party bonded warehouse to win British Retail Consortium certification for its storage and distribution standards. A detailed audit by Product

Authentication International revealed that LCB's warehouse operations were highly secure and provided ideal conditions for bonded storage.

Emporium revamps website

Essex-based Emporium Drinks' revamped website - - offers consumers "the chance to browse through our product groups quickly and easily", according to business development manager Mark Packard. The changes include larger product photos, brief histories of the drinks sold on the website and

the chance to subscribe to a new newsletter.

VB in the off-trade

Foster's EMEA has won listings for Victoria Bitter in Booker and Nisa-Today and is actively targeting the off-trade - not focusing on the on-trade as reported in the last issue of OLN (March 27). Readers who want to get hold of Victoria Bitter should visit