Poll: indies must go extra mile

The Wine & Spirit Trade Association is urging independent retailers to boost their marketing efforts after a poll revealed over half of wine drinkers don’t buy wine from their local merchant.

The You Gov survey of 1,687 British drinkers found that while wine drinkers value expertise and variety of choice above price, 53% don’t shop in their local independent.

Commissioned by the WSTA, the poll also found 74% of British adults buy their alcohol from supermarkets. In contrast, local wine merchants are more than twice as likely to be used for special occasions (8%) than for general consumption (3%).

It also showed that drinkers aged 45 and over, especially women, are least likely to buy from their local wine merchant.

“The research suggests there is scope for specialists and wine merchants to increase the marketing of their business to wine drinkers, whose emphasis on variety and expertise contrasts with other drinkers’ focus on convenience,” said the WSTA.

The You Gov poll is part of a newly launched quarterly report available free to WSTA members. It includes the latest Nielsen and IWSR sales figures, UK retail prices and alcohol spending data, and the Liv-Ex fine wine trading index.

WSTA chief executive Jeremy Beadles said: “Our first edition shows that there is scope in today’s market for specialists and local wine merchants to exploit their strength in terms of offering expertise and a wide variety of choice to wine drinkers.”