Fireball brews up a storm

Speciality spirits supplier Hi-Spirits is following up its launch of Firefly sweet tea liqueur with a cinnamon whiskey from the same producer.

Fireball is from the North American distiller Sazerac, several of whose whiskey products Hi-Spirits already represents in the UK market.

Hi-Spirits managing director Jeremy Hill heralded Fireball as “the next Jägermeister”, the herbal liqueur that has taken the on-trade by storm, with ice-cold shots and a signature Jägerbomb serve which sees the brand mixed with energy drink.

Fireball is also recommended by Hi-Spirits served long with ginger ale, cola, cranberry or apple juice.

Hill said: “In 10 years in the spirits business I’ve never seen anything like the buzz around Fireball.

“We were originally looking to do something in the early part of next year but we showed it to a number of on-trade accounts and we’ve got listings with all of the biggest wholesalers in London on the back of that.

“The on-trade is where we have the most penetration as a company, but it’s available to off-trade customers if they want it.”?The 33% abv drink is made with a Canadian corn whiskey base.

Hi-Spirits’ UK portfolio includes Antica sambuca, Buffalo Trace Bourbon, No 209 gin and Effen vodka.