Kylin Spirits Group plans baijiu and Scotch whisky blend

Scotland’s Kylin Spirits Group has announced plans to launch a drink that combines Chinese spirit baijiu with Scotch single malt whisky.

The product, called Duality of Spirits, will be produced by baijiu producer Luzhou Laojiao’s master distiller Shen Caihong along with ex-Edrington whisky maker Max McFarlane.

“Our mission has been to bring the Chinese national liquor – baijiu – to the world, with a vision to become an iconic name in 21st century spirits technology and innovation," said Caihong. "We have always recognised the importance of promoting a deeper cultural exchange alongside an inspiring duality of spirits and we are committed to developing meaningful cultural collaborations between nations and two craft industries blessed with esteemed heritage, provenance and a spirit of innovation.” 

Kylin Duality of Spirits is due to launch in May 2022 in London.

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