Beavertown releases Bones lager

London’s Beavertown Brewery has launched a new lager called Bones.

It will be on draught and in 33cl cans.

The 4.4% abv beer is being positioned as “dead refreshing, dead crisp, dead good”.

Creative director Nick Dwyer said of the beer’s branding: “The Bones skeleton character is, just like lager as a style, an omnipresent being, intended to represent the beginning of the Beavertown visual journey.

“There are subtle nods to other designs littered through the can to indicate Bones had some part in bringing them into the universe like some sort of deity or creator. The story will continue to evolve and tangle its timeline with our other main characters.”

Beavertown founder Logan added: “When done right, lager is the nectar of the gods.

“I wanted Bones to complement our much-loved Neck Oil and to give the lager drinkers out there an opportunity to engage with the excellence of Beavertown in an accessible way.

“We’ve been working on our first lager for five years and we can’t wait for the public to take their first sip.”

The launch of Bones comes after Beavertown’s recent announcement of its first above-the-line campaign, featuring ads on buses, roadside billboards and the London Underground, with the slogan: “We come in peace, pints and cans.”