The Brewers Association reveals UK summer activity

The Brewers Association, the not-for-profit trade association for small and independent American craft brewers, will be participating in the Manchester Craft Beer Festival (July 23-24) and London Craft Beer Festival (August 13-15) both for the first time this year with an wide range of American craft beers.

Through its Export Development Programme, the Brewers Association will represent 27 American craft breweries including regular favourites and a number of breweries new to the UK market.  

Collectively, they will offer more than 80 “super-fresh” American craft beers for sampling, most of which are unavailable in the UK. 

Beers range in style and strength from crisp Helles lager and fruity refreshing gose at under 5% ABV to Belgian style blond ales aged in Chardonnay barrels and a quadruple oatmeal Russian imperial stout at 15.7% ABV.  Many of the beers available are award-winning or classic examples of their styles and will be air-freighted across from the States to reach beer lovers as fresh as the brewer intended.

Lotte Peplow, Brewers Association American Craft Beer Ambassador for Europe, said: “After the ravages of Covid-19 it’s great to see American craft breweries bouncing back and showing renewed interest in the UK market, which is, of course, an important market for American craft beer and accounts for 10.1% of all exports, behind Canada with 23.1%. The Brewers Association is delighted to be participating in the inaugural Manchester Craft Beer Festival and London Craft Beer Festival both for the first time and can’t wait to showcase an exciting range of world-class, distinctive and incredible tasting beers to the UK beer lover.”

Daniel Sylvester, of We Are Beer, organiser of both festivals said: “The ethos of We Are Beer stems from the celebration and exploration of the world of craft beer and what a way to celebrate the return of London Craft Beer Festival and the inaugural Manchester Craft Beer Festival than with the ability for beer lovers to try beers from 27 exciting US breweries. We know this will be the highlight for many people, our team included!”

Talks and tastings will be taking place throughout both Festivals.  Details to be confirmed.

Masterclass tastings of American craft beer will also take place at Brew//LDN on Friday July 30 at 8.45pm and Saturday July 31 at 4.30pm.

The Brewers Association Export Development Programme is funded by a grant from the United States Department of Agriculture and assists American craft brewers with educating international audience about the US craft beer industry, informing member craft breweries about opportunities in key international target markets, complementing the industry’s own efforts to increase distribution and increasing efforts to improve issues of poor shipping and handling of craft beer.

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