Hendrick's Gin adds Martini RTD under Batch & Bottle label

Hendrick’s Gin has announced it will be releasing a ready to pour, batched and bottled martini as part of a new super premium cocktail range by William Grant & Sons called Batch & Bottle.

Batch & Bottle is a new “category defining” cocktail range created by renowned master distillers. The range is designed to bring the full experience of the cocktail bar into consumers’ homes, according to the producer.

Batch & Bottle is set to launch in the UK with a line-up of classic cocktail serves using iconic spirits from the William Grant & Sons portfolio. It is aimed at consumers who enjoy super premium cocktails, and relish the bar experience, but often lack the expertise or inclination to recreate cocktails at home.

First in the Batch & Bottle range to be revealed is a Gin Martini batched and bottled by Hendrick’s Gin. This was curiously crafted by Hendrick’s Master Distiller, Lesley Gracie, in collaboration with five top international bars Brujas, (Mexico), Maybe Sammy (Australia), Nauticus (Scotland), Nutmeg & Clove (Singapore) and Yaldy (Germany).

Each bar developed three variations of a Hendrick’s Martini exploring unusual ingredients often unique to their location. Inspired by these creations, Gracie, Hendrick’s Master Distiller, and Global Ambassador Ally Martin developed the Batch & Bottle Hendrick’s Gin Martini drawing on the best of the different flavour elements presented and seeking feedback from the bars at every step.

Gracie said: “I worked closely with some of the very best martini-making bars in the world, taking inspiration from what they do and translating it into something you can easily pour at home, that’s fresh, floral, round and smooth like Hendrick’s. The whole process of developing this drink was good fun. It’s fascinating that each bar had such a wildly different take on what made the perfect martini. It sent me down a rabbit hole of flavour discovery, experimenting endlessly with different ingredients and flavour combinations.

“I took inspiration from all of the ingredients they used and worked to pull together common themes, finding the best bits of all of them to include in this final concoction. The finished liquid is creative and yet classic, and such a smooth and exquisite drink. There’s a nod to all of those top bars in there, and some really interesting botanicals that make for a delicious, balanced drink!  Now that it’s bottled, this will be my go-to at-home martini.”

Martin said: “The martini, with its famously fervent followers, is the quintessential gin cocktail. Because of this, there is no better beverage to showcase Hendrick’s Gin. To create the final martini, each bar worked alongside Gracie and I, honing and developing the recipe with ingredients that inspired them. We then cherry-picked our favourite parts of each recipe, which resulted in a cocktail that celebrates each bar’s unique take on the perfect martini. From the citrus elements of Yaldy, the green notes shown to us by Brujas and Nauticus, to the more floral tones of Nutmeg & Clove and Maybe Sammy, each of the bars has left its own unique mark on this martini. This cocktail is an exquisite expression of their perfect Hendrick’s martini.”

Batch & Bottle cocktails are available to purchase mid-June from Harrods, Master of Malt, and Amazon then in Waitrose from the beginning of August, priced at £25 at 50cl.

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