Mackmyra unveils Swedish birch sap wine finish whisky for Spring

Mackmyra has unveiled its Spring limited-edition; a whisky with a birch sap wine finish.

Björksav is a limited-edition single malt that will be available at selected retailers globally from March 10, 2021.

Swedish whisky producer Mackmyra releases two new limited editions every year, which are adapted to the prevailing season’s flavours. With the whisky’s final maturation in casks saturated with flavours that reflect Swedish nature, the distiller said its seasonal range makes a strong contribution to its innovation and leadership in the New World Whisky category.

In this year’s Spring edition, Mackmyra has once again collaborated with the Swedish artisan winery Grythyttan Vin. Like Mackmyra, Grythyttan shows consideration and respect for nature and only uses natural ingredients.

The fresh, delicately sweet, Björk (Birch Sap) wine has resulted in a uniquely crafted Swedish whisky that is ready to join the world of whisky, according to the company.

Angela D’Orazio, Master Blender Mackmyra, said: “Björksav is a floral and fruity whisky with a light spiciness, vanilla fudge, cedar and toasted bread, with clear notes of birch sap wine. Björksav evokes that feeling of spring.”

Mackmyra’s seasonal whisky Björksav (46.1% abv) has a limited range of 15,000 bottles and a recommended retail price of £59.90. It is a seasonal whisky that has been partially matured in casks saturated with Swedish birch sap wine from Grythyttan Vin. The result is a whisky with a floral twist that has a fresh spiciness and sweet hints of vanilla caramel.

Björksav is created from a majority ex- Bourbon, ex-Oloroso and Birch sap wine casks, as well making use of Mackmyra’s world-renowned Swedish Oak casks.

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