Yonder launches limited edition seasonal beers

Somerset brewer Yonder is launching two limited edition seasonal beers, made from locally-foraged ingredients.

Flying Wonder is a saison-style beer brewed with foraged sea buckthorn berries from the coast near Weston-Super-Mare, just down the road from the brewery.

The name of the 4.9% abv beer is inspired by Pegasus, the winged horse of Greek legend, said to have got its aerial powers from grazing on the berries.

Who is Nellie? is a 7% abv, triple-fruited melba sour beer made with apricot, peach, raspberry and vanilla, named in honour of Australian opera singer Nellie Melba, from whom the peach melba dessert takes its name.

Yonder founder Stuart Winstone said: “The beers represent our approach to brewing, celebrating local flavours and experimenting with amazing yeasts and microflora while producing perfectly balanced and moreish beer.

“By brewing with the very best of local ingredients and alternative techniques that combine historic styles and modern brewing technology, our approach to mixed fermentation and barrel ageing puts the emphasis on balance of flavour and drinkability. 

“Minimal intervention is the key to ensuring that there’s a little bit of nature in every sip.”

The new beers join a core Yonder range that incudes Sub Culture pale ale, Acapella pilsner and Boogie bitter.

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