Churchill's Port launches Port.Club

Churchill’s Port has launched a digital-first club for “port lovers and the port curious”.

The founder-led port shipper, which makes a number of the Douro’s premium ports, has launched Port.Club, which has a mission to “share the fun of port with this generation of drinkers”.

Membership includes quarterly three-bottle Port Packs and access to unique travel and port education experiences both in Portugal and online. As a special limited-edition launch offer, anyone who buys a membership will receive one additional pack to gift to someone for Christmas.

Zoe Graham, Port.Club co-founder, said: “We know that port can be a confusing category, but the fun of port couldn’t be simpler, and our mission is to make people feel why what they’re drinking is so good. Different ports will be delivered direct to your door each quarter to try, drink and share, and we hook you up with memorable experiences in our hometown of Porto, the epic vineyards of the Douro, and in the digital world - where you’re likely spending most of your time these days anyway.”

Port Packs introduce members to a range of port styles from Churchill’s award-winning portfolio. Churchill’s is the youngest and smallest of the big-name port houses, fusing a drier style of port with minimal intervention viticulture and winemaking. All Churchill’s ports are foot-crushed, using only Grade-A grapes and natural yeast for extended fermentation. The company said this results in a style of port well-matched to the evolving taste of today’s drinkers.

The Port Packs all come with one everyday port, one special occasion port, and one unique Club Port selected and blended by Churchill’s founder and head winemaker Johnny Graham exclusively for the club. Each shipment also comes with materials explaining what’s in the pack and an invitation to a virtual tasting with Johnny.

Ben Himowitz, Zoe’s husband and Port.Club co-founder said: “What I love about port is that it brings people together while giving every drinker a memory that is truly their own.  Port.Club is about sharing port´s superpower with people across the UK to make memories that happen when you prolong the evening with that extra drink.”

Annual membership to Port.Club costs £240, and quarterly membership is priced at £70. Anyone purchasing an annual membership can gift an additional pack worth £70, for a limited period only.

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