Malux Wine & Spirits introduces 25cl bottles of Tokaji Aszu

Malux Wine & Spirits is launching a 25cl size bottle of Tokaji Aszu, which will sit alongside the full-size 50cl variants.

The new format is expected to be “a huge hit” with independent retailers, especially in the run up to International Tokaji Aszu Day, on December 10.

Malux has various vintages from different vineyards, including: 1993, 2006, 2013, 2014 and 2016. The company can also provide gift boxes for the Chateau Pajzos Aszu’s.

Tokaji Aszu, which was crowned by Louis XIV “the wine of kings and the king of wine”, according to Malux, comes from the Tokaji wine region, which was declared a protected Unesco World Heritage site bin 2002.

Audrey Zarach, company owner at Malux Wine & Spirits, said: “Christmas is the most popular time of year for sales, it is the perfect gift and celebratory wine. It is opulent in colour and complex in taste, sweet with perfect acidity balancing the wine. It is so elegant with stone and tropical fruit and marmalade flavours, intoxicating aromas and incredible length. The ultimate liquid indulgence.”

Aszu is the famous speciality wine from Hungary from the Tokaji wine region. It is a natural sweet wine and one of the oldest in the world. It is made from botrytised grapes, which give the wine a rich, complex, honeyed character and are often high in residual sugar. The wines are made using indigenous Hungarian grape varieties, including Furmint, Harsievelu, Zeta, Kabar, Koverszolo and the international grape variety, Yellow Muscat.

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