Stroud Brewery redesign emphasises ethical values

Gloucestershire-based organic beer maker Stroud Brewery has embarked on a brand image and packaging redesign which it said had “a new more-targeted message to better engage the ethically-minded beer drinker”.

The new brand image encourages people to “drink responsibly-farmed beer”.

Founder Greg Pilley said: “The post-Covid consumer is a more ethically-minded and environmentally aware consumer.

“Research shows that people are scrutinising the brands they associate themselves with and with sales of organic produce on the rise, we realised it was time we spoke more confidently about our uncompromising values as well as our great tasting organic beer.

“With everything we do we look for the opportunity to regenerate rather than degenerate.

“We started with soil because if we continue to use non-organic farming methods, our soils won’t be capable of feeding us in 60 years’ time.

“By using organic methods, we work with nature to improve soils, sequester carbon, increase wildlife and produce ingredients as they should be.”

Head brewer Ben Jennison-Phillips added: “We always look to add a unique and complimentary Stroud Brewery flourish to our beer.

“We call it ‘and then some’. We place an extremely high value on our locally grown, organic and hand-malted barley.

“It is the backbone of our beer and with our extensive knowledge and relationships with organic hop producers we’ve become known for the characterful flavours and aromas we consistently deliver.”