1800 Tequila gains listings as retailers tap into off-trade tequila boom

Premium tequila brand, 1800 Tequila, has secured listings with Tesco and Waitrose.

With the new listings the Silver variant will now appear in more than 600 stores across the UK with 70cl bottles priced at £30.

Made from 100% Weber blue agave, the liquid is double distilled and a special selection of white tequila is blended together for complexity and character. The clean, balanced taste carries hints of sweet fruit and pepper, making it ideal for mixing in cocktails.

Oli Pergl, Tequila Educator at Proximo Spirits, said: “From refreshingly simple tequila and tonics to adding a twist on classic cocktails, 1800 Silver is really capturing the attention of drinkers here in the UK.  With quality, premium tequilas in general being much more widely available, and easy to work with when making cocktails at home, we are sure this trend will continue to grow for a good while yet.”  

Waitrose reported in May this year that its tequila sales boomed by 175% since the lockdown enforcement in March, with virtual Mexican nights and cocktail hours driving the demand.

Results from the IWSR, which conducts drinks market research and analysis, show that Super Premium tequila grew at +12% and Ultra-Premium grew by 13% in the UK market between 2018 and 2019. A significant factor in the Mexican spirit’s rise in the UK is the rapid pace of premiumisation.

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